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Making Molds is Super Simple and Low Cost With a Reusable Molding Putty

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ImPRESSive Putty is a reusable molding putty to replace the silicone putty that can only be used once. ImPRESSive Putty can be used as many times as you want. Heat, press to mold, and cast.

Two versions of ImPRESSive Reusable Mold Making Putty are available. ImPRESSive Putty MIX and ImPRESSive Putty. The Mix is cheaper, but requires you to heat and stir it together first. After mixed, it is identical to the the ImPRESSive Putty, which comes ready to go.

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ImPRESSive Putty works with silicones, fast cure urethanes, soaps, waxes, colored epoxies, and more.

Some clear epoxy resins form a whitish surface in the ImPRESSive Putty. Add colorants to the resin. Also, not recommended for use with Plaster.

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Unlike ComposiMold, Silicone Molds Can't Be Reused

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Why ComposiMold for Mold Making? Because it works