Mold Making

The re-usable mold making material is your tool to allow you to stop wasting your money on molding material and start creating when and how you want. We have two main types:

The ComposiMold products are a heat and pour, food contact safe rubber molding material. We have ComposiMold-Flex for soft casting materials such as soap, wax, and chocolate. And ComposiMold-Original is for those who want a little more firmness for polymer clay, and resin castings, but it is also food contact safe. Use ComposiMold for plaster casting with the Plaster Additive

The ImPRESSive Putty allows you to make molds just by pressing. Fast, easy, worry-free mold making. It also has a slightly higher melting temperature than ComposiMold, allowing you to make large fast cure resin castings with urethanes and fast cure epoxies. It's very well suited for most casting materials including soap, wax, plastics/resins, clays/polymer clays, and many more. It is not recommended for plaster.

ComposiMold and ImPRESSive Putty work with a large variety of casting materials including silicones, resins, epoxy, low temperature urethanes, low temperature waxes like soy wax and beeswax and soaps, polymer clay, and plaster (with the ComposiMold Plaster Additive), quick cure cements/concretes, and chocolate.

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