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Instructions for Two Part Mold Making With ImPRESSive Putty and Silicone Casting Rubber

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How to Make a Two Part Mold 

Here’s a stretchy video we cut on making a two part mold with Impressive Putty, a reusable easy to use mold making putty. We’re using a soft silicone rubber, our Soft Bait Rubber, to make the saw super stretchy.

Make one part of the mold by pressing the putty over the shape you want to duplicate. Smooth the part of the mold you want to press over the object and press. Let this cool or place in the freezer to cool and solidify faster.

When cool and solid, you can make the second part of the mold. To make sure part stay aligned, I made some notches on each side. The pieces I pull off, don’t throw them out, they can be remelted and reused for the next mold.

Press the softened putty over the other half. If you’re worried about the halves sticking together, chill the first mold so it is cold before pressing the second half.

You won’t need a mold release to make the ImPRESSive Putty mold.

Be sure to press the putty well over the part.

Let this cool.

Pull the mold apart

Pull out the original

You’re ready to make the casting.

The Soft Bait Rubber is our material to make soft bait fishing lures, but it’s a great silicone rubber for very flexible castings. Mix 1:1. I added a little white and just a tiny little drop of black to make a greyish color for the rubber.

I pour the rubber in the bottom half, and wipe it on the top half of the mold. And carefully put the two halves together.

This rubber cures in about 5 minutes. When finished, pull the mold apart, clean up your piece and you’re ready to go.

Thank you for watching. Questions let us know at and get your ImPRESSive Putty at or

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