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So Many Ways to Use ImPRESSive Putty With Sculpey Polymer Clay

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These two materials are so well suited for each other. Here's 3 ways to use Sculpey Polymer Clay with ImPRESSive Reusable Molding Putty.

1. Make a shape using the Sculpey, and then mold that shape using the ImPRESSive Putty. And then you can use anything you want to cast into that mold: MORE Sculpey, resins like polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, or silicone resins.

2. Mold a found object, toy, sculpture, or other shape and then PRESS the Sculpey into the Mold to make a Push or "PRESS" mold 

3. Make in "imPRESSion" of a design or object using ImPRESSive Putty and then use that as a stamp into the Sculpey


THIS WEEK ONLY (JUNE 20, 2022 to JUNE 27. 2022) You have a chance to win a prize package from Sculpey and ComposiMold. 

ComposiMold Reusable Mold Making People and Sculpey the polymer clay people, have partnered to run a social media give-away contest. The prize include: 1 pound of ImPRESSive Reusable Molding Putty, 30 piece pack of Sculpey III, some carving tools, plus a pound of Super Sculpey. This week only. To enter the contest: just leave a comment telling us what you’d make with these products, like our Instagram and/or Facebook pages, and sign up for our newsletter. We’ll randomly select a winner from those who leave a message, and you’ll win! So what will you make?

Sign up via the newsletter link

and then leave a message on one or both of our instagram pages at:    @ sculpey_official     @ composimold_reusable_molds


Decals, Simple Shapes, and Sculpey, (Oh My!) Below...

Here's a great review from the Polymer Clay Tutor herself. Thank you! Below...

Polymer Clay Push Mold of a Natural Object-A Leaf! Below...

Super simple, BUTTON MOLDS and Polymer Clay Castings below...

Making Jewelry by PRESSing Shapes into the clay before molding and casting them in resin below...

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