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This is NOT for Making Silicone Molds

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Have your ever tried to make your own silicone molds? If so, I'm sure you have made many a mold that did not work the way you wanted it to. Did your part float? Did you have bubbles? Did you want to make changes and realize that the silicone is a two part molding material that can never be changed after it has cured? Making silicone molds takes skills and knowledge you can't get without experimentation:

  1. How do you pour the silicone?
  2. How do you keep your part from floating?
  3. How will you make your mold? 2 parts? 1 part? Brush-on? Where does the parting line of your mold go?

Silicone is an amazing rubber material that is a strong, durable rubber. After the silicone has cured, it will remain a rubber forever. My advice is to keep the silicone for your castings, and use a re-usable molding material for your molds.

I say this, of course, because I'm biased and think that ComposiMold and ImPRESSive Putty are better choices for making your own molds. Whether you are learning how to make your own molds or are already skilled (and already spent tons of money learning :) ), these re-usable molding materials can help. ComposiMold and ImPRESSive Putty are re-usable molding materials that can be re-used Any Time You Want. If you make mistake, make it again. If your mold starts to get old, make it again. If you change your mind, make it again.

Silicone molds will last for years. If you're into nostalgia you may like that. But you can also keep ComposiMold molds for years if you'd like...keep them in a ziplock bag and out of the sun and they'll last as long as you like.

Silicone molds will not allow you to make changes, fix mistakes, or experiment. Better materials exist.

ComposiMold and ImPRESSive Putty. Give them a try.

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