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Silicone Molds from Oogoo vs. ComposiMold Molds

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We want to compare ComposiMold Re-usable Mold Making Materials to the so-called cheap and easy silicone molding material that you can make from silicones found in your hardware store. These are sometimes called Oogoo. We’ve used them for casting in ComposiMold molds. But like most materials, they have some limitations and aren’t as cheap as they are made out to be.

ComposiMold is an eco-friendly, re-usable molding material that can be continuously remelted and re-used. We’ve had some customers use it over 200 times. After that first ComposiMold purchase and first mold, the other 199 molds were free.

ComposiMold and silicone pick up similar details. Usually very good.

Silicone molds and ComposiMold molds can both get bubbles in them, but the ComposiMold is see-through so you can see where the bubbles are and can take them out with Bubble Buster or a paperclip. A bubble in silicone? That's a hard fix if it's even possible to fix.

Silicone molds can be used once, and that mold will last you a long time, although you will lose detail over time.

ComposiMold is safe for edible treats. No dangerous chemicals are involved. Silicone is…a dimethylsiloxane and hardner, both unhealthy for you.

Oogoo is another version of silicone that is typically suggested as a low cost rubber molding material. However, pricing is skewed because of the small packaging. One silicone cost about $7 for 11 oz. and it can only be used once. Seems like a good deal if you only want that one mold, except it will shrink by up to 35% over a month’s time.

Did we mention ComposiMold is re-usable? After you buy it, you can get your own molding material to use whenever you want. So after you make one mold, just remelt it.

Silicone molds vs. ComposiMold molds

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