FAQs for ImPRESSive Putty

What kind of materials can I use to make my casts in ImPRESSive Putty?

  • Soap molds
  • Low Melt Metals
  • Low Melt Plastics
  • Plastics or resin castings
  • Wax casting (Candles, Encaustics, Crayon Wax)
  • Paper Mache molds and casting
  • Ice Resin: Great for making jewelry
  • Epoxy Casting (resin or putty)
  • Polyester
  • Push molds using Clays
  • Polymer Clay push molds
  • ComposiMold can also be poured into a mold.


Can I re-use the ImPRESSive Putty?

Yes you can. Simply place the Putty back into a microwave safe container and melt back to a dough like consistency. We used to need an activator, but the activator is now part of the ImPRESSive Molding Putty so you no longer need it. Sometimes a little wipe with vegetable oil will bring back the mold release if you find it's sticking a little after many different castings.

What is the Activator and why is it separating from the Putty?

We no longer need the activator. The activator was important for solidifying the mold and useful as a built in mold release, but it has now been designed to be IN the Putty. The Activator will slowly leak out of the mold over time. Too much activator on the mold surface is undesirable; remove the excess and pools of the activator with a sponge or dry cloth before pouring your casting resin. Once a mold has been made, it should be poured (cast) as soon as possible if you want to avoid the leakage.

If the activator is not properly cleaned off the mold, it is possible for resins and other casting materials to become discolored by the mold (but does not seem to affect the quality of the cast.)

When you are finished working with your ImPRESSive Putty mold, place it into a sealed bag until you melt it again for your next mold.


How much Activator do I need to add to my ImPRESSive Putty before microwaving?

None. It's no longer necessary. If your molds aren't solidifying when cooled then it's probably  because you boiled the Putty and destroyed the bonding agents. We've made dozens of molds without adding any Activator, but in humid conditions more will come out, so you will need to add it back in. Add the drops into the ImPRESSive Putty before heating. There is no mixing required.

How long do I have to wait before I can remove my master part?

It depends on the thickness of your ImPRESSive Putty mold. A ¼” thick mold will be ready in 30 minutes. Cooling in the refrigerator makes it even faster.


What is the melting point of ImPRESSive Putty? Can I use quick cure resins in the mold?

ImPRESSive Putty’s melting point is 185F. This allows you to use higher temperature casting materials in the mold. You can also freeze the mold prior to pouring casting materials with a higher than 185F cure temperature.


Can I use this material as my master object in a mold?

Yes, you can shape the putty with your hands or tools like you would with clay and then let it harden. Apply a mold release to your original sculpture and then proceed in the mold making process with ComposiMold or ImPRESSive Putty.


Can I melt ImPRESSive Putty in a double boiler?

Yes you can. Be sure to seal it in a container and do not submerge in water. (It is biodegradable, so the water will dissolve it over time.)


How do I clean my ImPRESSive Putty?

You can absorb any excess Activator off the Putty surface with a paper towel. When you are using slow cure resins or silicone as a casting material, use Denatured Alcohol to clean the mold. This ensures there is no excess activator left behind that could transfer to your casting.