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Unlike ComposiMold, Silicone Molds Can't Be Reused

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Instead of using your silicone for silicone molds, keep it and make silicone castings. And use ComposiMold for the mold making. ComposiMold is a one part molding material that can be remelted and reused to make new molds any time you want.

ComposiMold is a heat and pour mold making material. It is eco-friendly (certified non-toxic), Microwaveable, and Reusable!

ComposiMold-Original, Flex, and Firm are flexible, rubbery, molding materials that can be melted poured and reused. This material is a thermoplastic mold making material that works well for small mold parts using many different casting materials including plaster, cement, epoxy, polyurethane, polymer clay, and others.

ComposiMold-Food Contact can be used with food item casting materials such as chocolate, fondant, cookie dough and many others.


Low Cost

Ease of Use


Earth Friendliness

Lower costs over many mold making materials. The lower cost is especially true as you make more unique molds. Instead of being able to make one mold, you can re-melt the ComposiMold and make 10 to 50 different molds.

Ease of use. ComposiMold is a one part system that does not require a scale or any measurement.

Reusability. The ComposiMold can be continuously re-melted to make new molds as you learn and experiment.

Limitations include:

Less strength as compared to silicone or polyurethane molds

Large molds may melt due to exothermic reaction of the casting material

Less longevity per mold as compared to silicone or polyurethane molds

Lower casting quantities than some other materials


ComposiMold materials are safe if used properly and as directed. Please Note: ComposiMold is hot when in liquid form and can burn. Use gloves to protect yourself from heat. The plastic containers will melt if overheated and the ComposiMold will break down. Do not exceed 200º F.

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Why ComposiMold for Mold Making? Because it works