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10 Most Commonly Asked Mold Making Questions

Mold making is defined as the process of duplicating other objects through the use of molds. To make molds you can use a variety of techniques and materials. We thought we would answer some of the most frequently asked questions on mold making here as it relates to mold making, ComposiMold, and ImPRESSive Putty.How much [...]

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Resin Casting with ComposiMold Flex

This video shows a simple relief sculpture of Mt. Rushmore toy being duplicated with our ComposiCast and Colorants. The mold was made with ComposiMold-Flex. A plastic cup was used as the mold box. Two items to be aware of:1. Be sure to let the ComposiMold cool before pouring into the plastic cup2. If your part [...]

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Essential Art Supplies for Artists Striving to Enter the Third Dimension

Having the right tools at your disposal can really help you bring out the artistic vision in you, but if your only tools are for the two dimensional world, that’s all you’re going to get is two dimensions. It’s time to leave the flatness of two dimensions with sculpture mold making and creativity. The World [...]

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Why ComposiMold for Mold Making? Because it works