Where to Buy Mold Making Silicone? Use a Re-usable Molding Material

Posted by ComposiMold on 10th Mar 2022

Where to Buy Mold Making Silicone? Use a Re-usable Molding Material

ComposiMold will allow you to practice basic molding techniques to become a successful moldmaker. ComposiMold and ImPRESSive Putty are suitable for beginners. Whether you are interested making a mold for reproducing a sculpture, a toy, a figure, industrial patterns, architectural molding, dog prints, antique picture frames, taxidermy, the texture of a piece of fabric, you start by making a flexible mold.

Use a mold making material that can be re-used. And by reuse, I mean, to let you make dozens of new molds any time you want. This is ComposiMold Reusable Mold Making. If you’re going to be casting in resin, grab the used ComposiMold. If you’re making chocolate, use the ComposiMold-Flex. If you want a putty mold that does not require a mold box, use the ImPRESSive Putty.

Maybe you’ve seen the tutorials where people use a silicone mixture. These molds will get costly and they will not last, and you can only make the one mold with it.

Your original model can be made from clay, wax, plaster, concrete, stone, metal, bone or almost any material. If you’re using cardboard, be sure to coat it so the rubber molding material does not soak into the paper.

You can cast materials in a variety of casting materials. A common home casting material is resin, such as epoxy resin along with plaster, paper mache, and chocolates. Concrete, urethane, and silicone also work very well.