Low Cost Easy Mold Making

Posted by ComposiMold on 17th Dec 2021

Low Cost Easy Mold Making

I'm pretty sure nothing is lower cost in the long run. Mold making is fun and with ComposiMold it can be low cost. 

Here's a video showing the simple steps for mold making, plus some strange sounds. 

Low cost mold making has to do with the mold making material. Many videos suggest using the silicone with corn starch or soap as a way to make low cost molds, but this is very expensive and the molds shrink over time. A better choice (in our opinion-and why ComposiMold exists) is to use a mold making material that be reused for dozens of unique molds while still being easy to use. So with one mold making material, http://www.ComposiMold.com

, you can make a new mold any time you want. The inexpensive molding material works with epoxy, silicone, soaps, waxes, urethanes, plaster (with ComposiMold Plaster Additive), ComposiStone Hard Plaster, cement, concrete, and even chocolate. Just don't make something in chocolate with the same mold as you made something with resin :)

Free ebooks available on our website. Lots of instructional videos are here also. We'd love feedback as to what you're making and what you'd like to see. Thank you! Stan from ComposiMold