Vegetable Oil Mold Release

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Vegetable Oil Mold Release 

Any vegetable oil will work well as a mold release for ComposiMold molds. Vegetable Oil  (or mineral oil can also be used) is used to allow you to easily remove objects from your ComposiMold mold.

Vegetable Oil or Mineral Oil also work for many casting materials. You can use it on the original object being molded and then in the mold when making your casts. Vegetable oil or mineral oil work well with ComposiStone, Epoxies, Concretes, Chocolates, Cements, polymer clays, and plasters.  You usually don't need a mold release for waxes or soaps.

For plaster castings, we recommend using a 50/50 by volume mixture of talcum powder with mineral oil. Pour this mixture into your mold and then pour it out to create a nice moisture barrier and great castings with Plaster, Hydrocal, Ultracal, and Plaster of Paris. 

Directions for Using Vegetable Oil as a Mold Release When Making Your Mold:

Apply a thin even coat to your original part prior to spraying Bubble Buster. Pour your melted ComposiMold over your part by at least 1/2".

Directions When Making Your Casts:
Apply a thin even coat to the inside of the mold before pouring/pressing your casting material.

ImPRESSive Putty usually does not need extra mold release, but if you are getting some sticking, vegetable oil will work great as a mold release also.

Net: 4 fl oz (118ml) Ingredients: Vegetable Oil

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