Super Stretch Flex Fast Cure Rubber Making Kit

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Product Overview

This is the 8 oz. Rubber Making Kit.

  • Awesome stretchy rubber that elongates over 1,000 times its original length without breaking.
  • You mix 1:1 by weight or volume, and it cures in less than 10 minutes.
  • Made from very flexible and stretchy rubber so you can make rubber lures, soft stamp making, toys, cosplay, theater props and more.
  • Works great with ComposiMold Reusable Molding Materials and ImPRESSive Reusable Molding Putty
  • Skin Safe, Translucent and can be colored with all ComposiMold colorants

This Rubber Making Kit let you make super stretchy, fast curing rubber. Easily mixed 1:1 by weight or volume. Cures in 5-10 minutes. ADD this to your mold making and casting materials when you want to make super flexible rubber parts that stretch and stretch. Customers have been using this for buttons, cosplay uniforms, theater props, toys, and new products. What will you make? Skin Safe Translucent 5-10 Minute Cure Time Silicone Rubber Use a light coating of Vegetable Oil-Mold Release before pouring into a ComposiMold or ImPRESSive Putty Reusable Mold. Mix the Rubber Part A with the Rubber Part B (does not matter which goes into the other) in equal proportions by weight or volume and pour into mold. You have about 4 minutes to mix and pour. Let cure in mold for 5-10 minutes or until rubbery to the touch.