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Mold Making Material Tools for Making What You Want

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Our goal: Give you the tools to duplicate anything and make what you want.

How do we accomplish this? With the easiest mold making materials available.

Impressive Putty: heat, press, and let cool. Yes. It is that easy. No mold box needed. No mold release needed for plastics, resins, low melt metals, or ComposiStone. Use our Plaster Release for plaster mold making.

ComposiMold: heat, pour, and let cool. You will need a mold box (typically a cup or bowl. Use vegetable oil mold release.

All ComposiMold mold making products are re-usable. They will be there when you need them! Use them today, tomorrow, or next year. Your molds will be ready to use. You can also keep your molds if you want to by placing them in a press-n-seal bag and keeping them in a cool place.

When do you use ComposiMold? When you want great detail, flexible rubber molds. When you want to learn how to make molds without wasting money. When you want a mold making material that will always be available to you.

When do you use ImPRESSive Putty? When you want super easy-to-make molds. When you want higher melting point than ComposiMold. When you want to make molds that can’t be done in a mold box such as on a wall, statue, or upside down.

The 10oz. ComposiMold should be melted in 30 second intervals until completely melted. I have attached the heating instructions from the ComposiMold containers.

ComposiMold is certified to last more than 35 times. The material will last 50+ times if the user is careful to avoid overheating the ComposiMold (heat slowly in short intervals). When ComposiMold is at the end of its life the master part will not release from the mold and instead the mold will break apart. However this is also a sign that the mold is to warm and has not been allowed enough time to cool. Cooling times depend on the surrounding temperature and the size of the mold, 10oz. will take about 30 minutes to cool in the typical freezer.

Any cooking oil or cooking spray will work as a mold release, such as pam cooking spray, olive oil canola oil, vegetable oil etc.. Avoid using too much mold release as it will create defects in the mold (wipe up any pooling or access).

To wash, the mold should be rinsed with cold water and then heated immediately after in the microwave to evaporate the excess water. Do not use hot water or use it in a dishwasher (it will dissolve). Cutting the mold into pieces seems to speed up the heating time but, it is not required or necessary.

10oz. of ComposiMold is 237ml and will cover an abject that is 9cm X 9cm X 2.5cm or similar.

Any ComposiMold can be used for food contact molds or non-food products. After used for non-food contact casting materials such as resin, plaster, concrete, silicone…, these products will contaminate the mold so that it will no longer be food safe.

When do you want to use silicone molds? When you want to spend more money on your molds. When you want a mold that can’t be re-melted and re-used. When you know you won’t want to make changes or want fix the mold if it breaks. Use silicone molds when you want to make an entirely new mold when the first one gets old. When you want a mold that will remain as rubber even after the mold has worn away.

How about Latex mold making material? See silicone molds, plus when you want a smelly mold.

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Why ComposiMold for Mold Making? Because it works