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Duplicating Your Wood Carvings with ComposiMold and ComposiStone

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Wood carvings are a great way to make the original shape that you are going to duplicate. Almost any wood carving can be duplicated using either ComposiMold or ImPRESSive Putty. This video demonstrates the process with ComposiMold-Original. Use either ComposiMold-Original, ComposiMold-Flex or ImPRESSive Putty.

Start by sealing the wood. You can do this with Shellac, urethane spray, or even an oil or wax. 

Once sealed, hot glue your wood carving to the bottom of a mold box. We improvised with a mold box here. 

Cover your part with a mold release and Bubble Buster. A tip: pour the melted ComposiMold when it is cooler instead of really hot. This will give less bubbles and won't melt the hot glue.

Molding wood carvings becomes straight forward at this point. Let the ComposiMold cool to solidify. Pull out your original shape and you're ready to cast.

We show the casting with our ComposiStone Hard Plaster. It's a fast curing cement/plaster mixture that provides a nice finish and good strength. ComposiStone can handle the outdoor winter conditions of Maine for at least 4 years, but we recommend coating with a shellac or urethane spray. ComposiStone can also be painted with most paints.

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