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  • ImPRESSive Re-USABLE One Part Mold Making Putty
  • Two Part Molds! ImPRESSive Putty mold making
  • Silicone Halloween Mask. Melt and push onto any yard sculpture! No Mold Box Needed!
  • Simply knead the heated Putty and press it onto your shape!
  • Jewelry Making Made Easy!
  • ImPRESSive Putty mold making...pulls right off. It's like Silicone Mold Making Putty, except it is re-usable.
  • ImPRESSive Putty mold making...pulls right off. It's like Silicone Mold Making Putty, except it is re-usable.
  • Make Low Melt Metal Duplicates!  ImPRESSive Putty mold making
  • Resin + Two Part Mold!  ImPRESSive Putty mold making: It's like Silicone Mold Making Putty, except it is re-usable.
  • Resin Duplicates made in a two part mold. See how this duplicate was made in the video below.
  • Hot Glue Duplicate! InstaMorph or Shapelock Duplicate! Plastic Push Molds!
  • Fix an ornate, antique frame by duplicating the intact decoration. See the video of how this frame piece was made below.
  • Children's Dough was used to make these duplicates in a Putty mold.
  • Duplicate a missing game piece with a little ImPRESSive Putty and urethane resin.
  • ImPRESSive Putty Reusable Molding Material

ImPRESSive Re-Usable Putty 6oz


Product Description

Buy it Once...Re-Use it Over and Over Again!

Heat, PRESS onto your object, let cool, and you've made a mold!

  • Easiest Mold Making Material Yet
  • 1 Part System
  • Captures Fine Detail


Make molds of sculptures, prototypes, candles, picture frames, coins, and more!

Make your duplicates in wax, clay, plastics, low melt metal, resins and more! 

ImpRESSive Putty has not been certified to be used with food. Try ComposiMold for edible treats! 

Try it today. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


ImPRESSive Putty ReMold Putty Kit Re Meltable Re Usable Molding Putty 03:40 Make Molds Fast, Easy, and the Putty is RE-USABLE. Heat •Place the Putty in an oven safe bag. •Add 2 drop of the Activator to the bag for every oz. of Putty. •Seal the bag with an oven safe plastic tie. •Heat the Putty in the microwave until completely melted (see estimated microwave times below). Caution!! IT IS VERY HOT. Microwave times (estimates-times will vary) 3oz. 10 second intervals until melted 6oz. 15 second intervals until melted 16oz. 30 second intervals until melted You can also melt in a double boiler. Let the Putty cool to a temperature comfortable to the touch before removing from the bag (115 deg or less.) Duplicate To make molds, Smooth the putty to remove lines and make into a shape large enough to hold your master object. If you are planning on moving your mold before it solidifies place it on a plate. Next push the Re-Usable molding putty over your master part or push the master part into the putty and when necessary apply a Mold Release Release compound is typically not necessary. Let the Re-Usable molding putty solidify. The master object is ready to be removed from the mold when the putty does not deformed when pressed with your finger. At room temp leave the mold overnight. (Optional) move your mold to the freezer to solidify faster. Wait 1 hour before DE molding the object. Remove the master part from the Re-Usable molding putty, apply a Mold Release if / when necessary to the mold, and pour or press in your casting material. Reuse With the Re-Usable molding putty, many casts can be made with the same mold including wax, and plastic casts. When you finish making duplicate parts, reuse the Re-Usable molding putty to make more molds and cast parts. The unique aspect of Re-Usable molding putty is that it can be continuously remelted and reused to make new, unique molds. Mold Making Tips •Spray porous objects such as wood and cloth with water. Water helps pull the putty into highly detailed areas of the object. Once the putty touches the damp porous surface do not attempt to remove it until completely solidified. •Do not add water to smooth objects, putty will move and it may create cracks. •Wait for the putty to cool to about 80 Fahrenheit before molding, at higher temps it will slowly droop losing its shape. In some situations were drooping may be beneficial use it at higher temps. (Be careful of burns) •Smooth the putty surface before attempting to create a mold to avoid creating unwanted lines. •Wash and thoroughly dry your hands before shaping to prevent sticking to hands. •The Putty can be carved and sculpted - When molding a sculpture or carving that was created from the Reusable putty, coat it with a mold release such as cooking oil or other safe mold releases. •Molds will last as long as they are kept out of direct sun and high temps. Important note The activator is important for solidifying the mold and useful as a built in mold release, but it will slowly leak out of the mold over time. Too much activator on the mold surface is undesirable, remove the excess and pools of the activator with a sponge or dry cloth before pouring your casting resin.

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