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  • Fondant cake wrap made by pressing into a ComposiMold-FC mold. Original object molded was a textured piece of wall paper.
  • Chocolate teddy bear made in a 2 part ComposiMold-FC mold.
  • Large festive chocolate made in a ComposiMold-FC mold.
  • Chocolate Castings You create. Mold in ComposiMold. Here are some seashell molded and cast from real sea shells. When finished-ReMelt to ReUse.
  • Holiday themed cake topper decorations.
  • Chocolate Castings You create. Mold in ComposiMold. Here is a lighthouse in white chocolate
  • White chocolate action figure made in a 2 part mold.
  • Huge rocking horse head was molded in a ComposiMold-FC mold and cast in 15Lbs. of dark chocolate!
  • White chocolate gnome.
  • Fondant dumptruck cake topper made by making a mold of a plastic children's toy.

ComposiMold Food Contact Safe 10oz. Reusable Molding Material, Re-heat to Re-use!


Product Description

Food-Contact Safe Mold Making

For Chocolates, Fondants, Gum Paste and More

Your tool for making your own unique molds. Easy, safe, and affordable. Certified Food-Contact Safe and Re-usable over 35 times!

ComposiMold-FC is a 100% re-usable, flexible, rubbery, mold making material that works by melting and pouring. Many casts can be made using the same mold. ComposiMold-FC is good for the mold maker and confectionery artist because it can be remelted and reused without worrying about wasting material or money.

Experiment with different casting materials such as chocolate, fondant, gum paste, gummy recipes, no rise cookie shapes, ice, butter and more!


 ComposiMold-FC is the same great mold making material as the original ComposiMold-Original yet specially formulated and certified safe for edible casting materials. Complies with FDA Regulations (21 CFR Parts 170-189) for food contact materials. Not intended for ingestion.



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How do you Clean your mold? Use a cold wet wash cloth to wipe away any debris. When you're ready to re-melt, wash quickly in cold water and re-melt. Do not put your mold under hot water or in the dishwasher

How do you re-melt? Just place your mold in a microwave safe container and melt in short intervals, just like melting chocolate. If you don't have a microwave, use a double boiler or a chocolate melter.

Won't the chocolate melt the mold material? No, chocolate melts at 80-90 F, ComposiMold melts at 135 F. It works awesome with any size chocolate.

Can I use it with isomalt? It is very difficult so we don't recommend it. Isomalt melts at 200 F. You can do simple parts by cooling the isomalt and pressing it into a chilled mold, but more complex molds lose detail.

Do I need a special mold release when molding with ComposiMold? Vegetable oil works great...and you only need a light coating.


 SDS for ComposiMold Products



Mold Making 101, Chocolate ComposiMold-FC Molds with Stan and Michelle 15:25 This video is great for the visual learner who is very new to mold making with ComposiMold or mold making in general. We crack each other up while we teach you about ComposiMold-FC for simple one part molds and more complicated two part molds with chocolate. (We should definitely follow up with a bloopers reel!)

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  • Chocolate Pops... This quick video will show you how to turn...
  • How to make E... Make One-Of-A-Kind Chocolate and Fondant S...

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