What Mold Releases Should I Use?

Posted by ComposiMold on 6th Oct 2020

What Mold Releases Should I Use?

For the mold making with ComposiMold, we have a mold release available, but you can just use vegetable oil or mineral oil…or waxes…or silicone sprays… You may like spraying a little with Bubble Buster to reduce bubbles from sticking to your part. Spray this on after you add the mold release.

For the castings part, it depends on what you’re using for a casting material.

For chocolate: vegetable oil or nothing

For plaster: Use our plaster release to create a good barrier, https://composimoldstore.com/plaster-release/ Plus you ought to add the plaster additive to provide stronger plasters: https://composimoldstore.com/plaster-powder-additive

For urethanes: I recommend a barrier made with talcum powder (baby powder) because some polyurethanes are sensitive to the moisture in ComposiMold.

For epoxies: I usually stick with the vegetable oil or mineral oil…a very thin coating, and then I wipe it off.

Silicone rubber: (you can use either platinum cured or tin cured). Vegetable oil or mineral oil works really well.

There’s lots of other casting options too, and for most it’s vegetable oil as a mold release.

Hopefully that helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!