​What medium Can I Use to Make my Casts in ImPRESSive Putty?

Posted by ComposiMold on 23rd Jan 2024

​What medium Can I Use to Make my Casts in ImPRESSive Putty?

What kind of materials can I use to make my casts in ImPRESSive Putty?

  • Soap molds
  • Low Melt Metals
  • Low Melt Plastics
  • Plastics or resin castings
  • Wax casting (Candles, Encaustics, Crayon Wax)
  • Paper Mache molds and casting
  • Epoxy Resins Casting (resin or putty)
  • Polyester
  • Push molds using Clays
  • Polymer Clay push molds
  • ComposiMold can also be poured into a mold.
  • Polymer metal clays (precious metal clays or PMC)
  • Plastisol rubber (PVC rubber typically used for soft bait fishing lures)


Polyurethane Resin in ImPRESSive Putty

  • Bondo (this is a polyester with filler) works well. Polyester smells and is a bit toxic, so do this only with good ventilation.
  • Epoxies are a good option if you don't want to deal with mold sides. An epoxy putty (also sometimes called an epoxy clay) would be ideal because then you don’t need to have sides on your mold. An epoxy putty is usually found in the plumbing section of a hardware store in a round tube. There’s also lots of artists brands of epoxy clay that come in different colors.
  • If you wanted, you can also use polyurethanes resins and rubbers and silicone rubbers. 
  • Wood putty also is good, but it can stick a bit so be sure to use a mold release (like vegetable oil or Vaseline).
  • Plaster of Paris works, but I recommend adding in the Plaster Additive (https://amzn.to/3S7VKPe) into the plaster because it cures stronger with a better surface.
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Here’s a video we made for fixing an old frame. We used pourable epoxy, but for what you have, I’d use an epoxy putty


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