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What Colorants work with our Resins and Soft Bait Rubber?

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What colorants/tints work with Soft Bait Rubber (Also the Super Flex Rubber)?

This also answers the question about what colorants work in our ComposiCast Resins.

Our colorants, of course! Our ComposiMold epoxy colorants. We have 10 different colors and more coming (pretty soon we will have glow in the dark, black/grey heat sensitive, and gold). Our colors are very concentrated liquid solutions so it only takes a little and mixes easily. And you color between batches will be very similar even if you change the amount of colorant added…so one or three drops of red still makes the same red so you can have consistent colors. The colors can also be combined to make different colors.

Other colorants that work include:
Acrylic paint. The colors will be very nice, but they may be more difficult to match the colors, and it will take a bit more. But don’t add too much (maybe 3% max) or it may mess with the resin curing.
Food coloring make spots. Because it is water based it doesn’t completely mix, but it does make some neat effects that are worth exploring.

Powdered pigments also work. Because they are in powdered form, it takes a bit more to get them mixed well, but you can make some great effects. With the Soft Bait Rubber (Super Flex Rubber) you have to mix fast as you only have a few minutes before curing into a soft rubber.

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