What can I cast in ImPRESSive Putty?

Posted by ComposiMold on 11th Jun 2019

What can I cast in ImPRESSive Putty?

We had someone ask some great questions about ImPRESSive Putty. I wanted to share the answers with you.

First, what is the ImPRESSive Putty Activator?

The Activator is a glycerin based mixture. The greasiness is the activator/mold release. This is what gives the ImPRESSive Putty the power to be re-melted over and over again. It also acts as a mold release when casting. So even though it feels greasy, that's a good thing.

If when you re-melt the Putty, there’s clumpiness or parts that don’t seem to re-melt after kneading the putty for a minute or two, then you probably need a little more activator. It takes very little. We have activator available, although a little bit of vegetable oil will also work. So put a few drops on your hands and then kneed the putty until it is mixed in.

What happens if the ImPRESSive Putty is sticking? My guess is that the ImPRESSive Putty won’t stick after it cools. While hot it is scary because it will stick but when it cools it usually comes off. This stickiness when warm is a good thing because it lets you get a better mold shape. Some materials to be careful of are paper products. The paper, if it’s not sealed will absorb the activator and stick to the putty. So seal the paper with shellac or glue or other.

So what can you cast with ImPRESSive Putty?

Ha! That’s a long list! Great question. Here’s a lot of the options for molding materials in ImPRESSive Putty. This list is not complete so if you’re thinking of something else to cast in the ImPRESSive Putty try it J, and let me know.

  • Wax: very popular with Encaustic Painters, candle makers. I like soy wax candles.
  • Soaps: low melt soaps work well. High melt soaps will also work, but let it cool below 200 F before pouring into the molds.
  • Polymer clay (just press in)
  • Epoxy Resins: some clear resins create a whitish surface-wipe/clean off surface activator with denatured alcohol first or add colorants to the resin)
  • Epoxy clay/Epoxy putty
  • Urethane/Polyurethane: fast cure urethanes work well for sizes up to about 4 cubic inches. Some urethanes react easily with moisture so be careful
  • Silicones (tin or platinum cure)
  • Polyester resins like Bondo
  • Low melt metal (melts below 200 F-no pewter, lead etc.—Woods metal is a good choice)
  • Thermoformable plastic (like Instamorph, Shapelok, etc.)
  • We’ve also made bath bombs, quick cure concrete castings, ComposiMold plaster of Paris (has an additive in it to cure stronger/faster)

Food safe Putty: Chocolate, small isomalts, small sugar candies, fondant, butter.

The type of things that cannot be cast in ImPRESSive Putty are things that are mostly water or create a lot of heat. For example, slow cure concrete is a challenge because it will pull the moisture out of the ImPRESSive Putty. Fast cure concretes/cements will cure before pulling moisture away so those will work. Plus materials that are well above 200 F can melt the Putty. You can chill the mold before and during casting to get up a little higher for some materials (like very high temperature waxes).

Let me know what questions you have. I'm sure if you have the question, then others do to.  So please ask!

Thank you!