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The Lowest Cost Molding Material-Ever. How Many Molds Can You Make?

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Introducing our new product, ImPRESSive Putty MIX-reusable Molding Putty at a MUCH lower cost. I think this is the coolest art supply material we’ve made since ComposiMold was first introduced (10 years ago).

Available through Amazon at

NEW ImPRESSive Putty Re-Usable Mold Making Putty MIX

1 pound for $38 (Free shipping)

3 oz. for $7.99 plus shipping

What is ImPRESSive Putty MIX?

ImPRESSive Putty MIX has ALL the same characteristics that make ImPRESSive Putty a great molding material:

--Reusable: dozens of molds with the same molding material

--No mold box necessary: use it on a wall or even a ceiling for architectural details

--No scale or ingredients to mix together: It comes altogether, just heat and mix until it is a uniform color.

--Great castings, really easily-just press…that’s it. That’s why it has the name imPRESSive Putty :)

--Handles temperatures up to about 200 F (96 C) (210 F (100 C) if you chill your mold first). We debated calling this ComposiMold-HT for ComposiMold High Temperature, but decided it was more in the ImPRESSive Putty category.

--Experimenting is as easy as remelting and reforming the mold

--Eco-friendly-no waste and it’s biodegradable.

If you’ve used silicone putty, you spent too much money. For less than the price of one silicone putty mold, you can get ImPRESSive Putty and reuse it over and over again. Make mold anytime you want.

The ImPRESSive Putty MIX works really well with many casting materials. Here’s a partial list:

--Polymer clay and clay, air dry clay, modelling compounds

--Soap (hot melt, cold press, heat & pour)

--Wax (soy, paraffin, beeswax, candlewax, crayon wax :))

--Resins: Room Temperature cure epoxy resins-I especially like our ComposiCast White Resin, urethane resins (polyurethane) including the fast cure ones for pieces less than 4 cubic inches

--Polyester resins-Bondo, fiberglass resin

--Low melt metal (Wood’s metal)

We don’t recommend the Putty for plasters or concrete. Use our ComposiMold-Original and Plaster Additive for plaster and cements.

For years we’ve been trying to figure out how to reduce the cost of the ImPRESSive Putty. We have finally done this by removing the cooking stages. This eliminates a huge step for us so we can dramatically lower the cost of the Putty.

If you’re a clay artist, polymer clay crafter, make toys, hobby miniatures maker, or love making cosplay parts, or just like to make stuff, I think you will love this material.

And so far we are able to ship everything within one business day.

Hopefully, the ImPRESSive Putty MIX is of interest to you in your creative endeavors. 

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