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Polymer Clay Push Molds with ImPRESSive Putty, A Leaf and A Candle Holder

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Polymer clay is a modeling clay that can be formed by hand or in these examples molded with molds. Polymer clay is well suited making art pieces and craft projects because the polymer clay is hardened in the oven to make reasonably sturdy finished parts. These “how to” tutorials demonstrate methods of forming the clay into unique shapes using molds, and we are using the ImPRESSive Re-usable Molding Putty.

The polymer clay mold making video below demonstrates the methods for making a mold and then forming the polymer clay into the shape of a leaf. The mold picks up the details in the leaf. The polymer clay push mold can be re-used or re-shaped after it has been used for the leaf.

The second video demonstrates the methods to mold and cast a wood piece into polymer clay. This candle holder is untreated wood. This mold was made using the polymer clay push mold used in the first video. The Putty was also melted down to make the soy wax candle of the lightbulb.

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