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​New to mold making? How do you start making molds?

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Mold making is a process that you use to duplicate other objects, but mold making will take some experimenting. The reason ComposiMold exists is because I used to make a lot of mistakes and I was frustrated at wasting my money on molding materials that I'd only use once.

The mold making process is simple, but there are many different ways to duplicate something. So you are in a good place to start with ComposiMold. Have you checked out our ebook? Free E-Book

Start with that and some of the you might like is

I also recommend starting simple. A shape that is flat on one side. A relief sculpture.

Another option is to use the ImPRESSive Putty. It makes the mold making process very simple and much easier to conceptualize. The Putty is heated and you press it over your part. After it cools to solidify, you have your mold and you pour or press in your casting material. Because it’s so straight forward, this is a great material to learn mold making. We have been using it for children down to about 8 years old (with adult supervision because the Molding Putty can be hot out of the microwave until it cools). 

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Why ComposiMold for Mold Making? Because it works