​Mold Making, “The Art of Duplication,” With ComposiMold

Posted by ComposiMold on 8th Nov 2017

​Mold Making, “The Art of Duplication,” With ComposiMold

Mold Making is “The Art of Duplication”. A mold is made by making a negative shape of an original master piece. ComposiMold is a new product developed to improve mold making, it is a rubbery, flexible resin, and unlike most flexible mold making materials, ComposiMold is a thermoplastic that can be melted continuously.

ComposiMold came about because the company’s President, Stan Farrell, had always been into hobbies and making toys, sculptures, and other products. But, it was always difficult for Stan to make an object into something that was real. For example, He wanted to make lightweight plastic parts for his model airplanes and rockets. This proved to be very difficult because his choices were to machine his own parts out of plastic or to make molds using a 2 ingredient mold making material.

Machining parts wasn’t really feasible, and the 2 part mold making material was extremely costly. When Stan started making his own molds, he didn’t know much about mold making and it cost him. The molds would cure, but the parts would float or a bubble would get trapped wasting the mold leaving behind a big block of useless rubber. It took Stan about 6 years of mold making setbacks, but Stan finally used his Material Science training to develop a better and more forgiving mold making material …ComposiMold.

Initially, ComposiMold was used as a backing material so Stan didn’t have to use as much non-reusable mold making material. As the product improved, it became feasible to use it has a standalone mold making material. Then Stan put it on eBay to see if anyone other than him would want to use it. Quite a few people did, but it wasn’t until a Super Awesome Sylvia Mold Making Video did Stan realize that ComposiMold could be something big.

Creative people “Creatives” use ComposiMold because it fits within a variety of the conventional customer markets. Crafters such as scrapbookers use ComposiMold for duplicating embellishments and frames. Artist, sculptures and jewelers like ComposiMold’s versatility and ease of use. Of course, Stan is a hobbyists which is an industry that has grown or transformed into the DIY, Do It Yourself) market use ComposiMold because of its wide range of application, and An exciting area of growth for ComposiMold includes the cake decoration world, where ComposiMold is used for making exclusive chocolate and fondant molds, and for making distinctive decorations for a large variety of cakes.

Today, ComposiMold and ImPRESSive Putty are the easiest to use, most flexible, and forgiving mold making materials available on the market. It is melted in the microwave and then used to create a mold of an original masterpiece. There is no weighing or mixing necessary, to complete the process just melt, pour and use.

ComposiMold has no dangerous chemicals so it is safe for both the user and the environment, and ComposiMold allows users to easily fix mistakes by using heat to reshape the mold or by re-melting and starting over. It provides an elongation of 150%, which creates a stable mold with good strength and longevity.

Since ComposiMold is a reusable mold making material, it has a lower costs compared to other mold making products because mold makers can make many molds and castings with the same material. It is versatile, so it works well with a variety of casting material and it is forgiving, so even though it is great for experienced mold makers, it is fabulous for beginners who are learning to duplicate.

Students find a dramatic advantage using ComposiMold. They are able to experiment, make mistakes, remake molds, and use the simplest mold making material available. Customers have successfully used ComposiMold products to make molds for cakes, super hero action figures, toy train sets, bracelets, concrete walls chocolate lighthouse, and more.

ComposiMold comes in 3 different versions: ComposiMold-Original, ComposiMold-FC (Food Contact Safe), and ComposiMold-Firm. Casting materials include polyurethane, silicone, epoxy, plaster, concrete, polymer clay, chocolate, ice, fondant, and others.

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