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Is Composimold is Suitable for Casting Resin?

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Yes! ComposiMold is suitable for most resins including epoxy, polyuerethane, and acrylics. I've linked to tutorials for each resin type, so click to learn more about the resins with ComposiMold.

Epoxy and Acrylic : you can use pretty much any epoxy resin. 

Polyurethane or Urethane: use a talcum powder as your release agent (mold release). The fast cure (1 minute) urethanes do create quite a bit of heat, so chill your mold, or limit the size of your molds.

Epoxy Putty: We haven't found an epoxy putty that doesn't work. 

Bondo (this is polyester): pretty inexpensive casting material option, although it's smelly.

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