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Food Safe ImPRESSive Mold Making Putty for Isomalt Molds and Sugar Candy Molds

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How to Make Your Own Isomalt and Hot Sugar Molds with a Food Safe Reusable Molding Putty. 

Isomalt is a nice sugar substitute that can be melted at relatively low temperatures.You can make some amazing shapes and designs using Isomalt for cake decorations, no-sugar candies, and cupcake toppers. You can also use pulled sugar. I'll give you the recipe we used for pouring or pressing sugar into the molds below. 


Start with the shapes that you want to make into sugar or isomalt candies. Clean these shapes well. Now prepare your molding material by softening the ImPRESSive Putty in the microwave for about 45 seconds for this 6 oz size. We also have 1.5 oz, 1 pound, and 5 pound sizes available.

Let the putty cool so it’s easy to handle without being too hot, but still moldable. You can actually let it cool to below 100 F and still form it as we do here.

And press, thus the name, the putty over your shapes. Here were using some tool shapes to emphasize that this is your tool for creative mold making.

After you have pressed it over your shapes, let the mold cool. In the freezer this takes about 20 minutes to solidify to a rubber. You know it’s ready when you press on the mold and it doesn’t leave an indentation.

Pull out your original shapes. First the adjustable wrench, and then the pliers. You will notice that the Putty is still flexible enough to bend around the shape, but firm enough for press molding.

Oh no, there’s a small hole in one of the molds.Luckily, you don’t have to worry.

Good thing this is a reusable molding material. With just a little heat, you can fix the mold or reshape it. Just take a piece of the Putty from somewhere else and reheat it. We do this with a hot air gun, but you can also use a hair dryer or other heating source. This is one of the big benefits of ImPRESSive Putty. You can re-melt and re-use any time you want. We place the pliers back into the mold to keep the shape while we reform the putty to fill the small void. Heat both parts of the mold so the parts will stick together. And just like that. In about 30 seconds we fixed this mold and we are ready to pour in the isomalt.


We melted the isomalt in the microwave.

When you pour the Isomalt into your mold, be sure it has cooled to around 200 F. For larger isomalt candies you may need to chill your mold a bit. However, you want to try not to chill it if you can so that the isomalt will flow into the crevices of your mold better, so experiment with your shape. At any time you can re-make or fix your mold, so don’t worry about breaking anything.

Now just pull out your casting and admire.

To keep a nice shiny finish, you should spray the candies with an edible glaze. 

And because this is reusable, you can re-melt or re-soften the putty Any Time You Want to make a new mold. In the video, we used a key chain of a volkswagon beetle car. Now it’s going to be a lollipop.

We used 1.5 ounces of putty for this small lollipop mold. This is the same size as our small trial size Molding Putty. Heat in the microwave for about 14 seconds, let cool so you can handle it easily, press over your shape, let cool. Cut a little slot for the lollipop stick.

Pour in your isomalt, add your lollipop stick, let cool, tada…admire.

You Can Use Sugar Candy Molds Also

Now we show this same mold with pulled sugar. Pulled sugar castings are more advanced. Let the Pulled sugar cool to about 200 F or below before pouring into your mold. Here we basically pressing the pulled sugar into the molds and use the mold as a press mold. Be careful both hot sugar and isomalt can burn. Gloves are recommended. Add in the lollipop stick and you have yourself a creative and unique lollipop and candy treat. So these are just a few things that you can make, let your creativity go wild. The ImPRESSive Putty is very easy to use, so experiment and let’s see what you make.   

The pulled sugar recipe included:

2 cups sugar

3/4 cup light corn syrup

We also added some red food colors. We could have also added some flavorings. We cooked this on the stove to above 310 F and held it there for 7 minutes.

We then let the sugar candy cool.  When the sugar candy cools to  below 200 F, you can pour or press the sugar into the sugar molds made with the Food Safe ImPRESSive Putty. You do have to be careful that you don't pour the sugar candy into the molds while it is too hot or you will melt the molds. 

This is a great way of making very cool looking lollipops.

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