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ComposiStone Hard Plaster Molds

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ComposiStone is our unique formulation that works great in a ComposiMold mold. Composi-Stone is harder than plaster castings yet still smoother than cement casts. The system uses a Dry mix and water at a ratio of 2.5 parts powder to 1 part water; and not less than 2 parts powder to 1 part water by weight or volume. It solidifies to a beautiful light Gray color. The texture is similar to a cement feel, but much smoother in appearance. Composi-Stone is ideal for shelf and lawn ornaments, sculptures, craft parts, and other general applications. You'll see a great close up shot in the video!

Note: Being able to use dozens of casting materials in your ComposiMold mold is one it's greatest features. Just be sure not to use your mold for food items after you've used it for cements and candles. That would not taste very good...and there's the safety issue.

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Why ComposiMold for Mold Making? Because it works