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Best Epoxy for Plastic

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When making parts with ComposiMold, many people want to make plastic parts for toy Army Soldiers, jewelry making, toys, and more. Although many resins can be used, ComposiMold has worked to provide an epoxy to work specifically with ComposiMold products. The best epoxy for plastic parts in ComposiMold is our ComposiCast because it has been designed to work with ComposiMold and ImPRESSive Putty.

The ComposiCast is a hard plastic that mixes 1:1 by weight or volume. The ratios are very flexible making it easy to be succesful with this epoxy resin.

Best Epoxy for Plastic Parts
Best Epoxy for Plastic Parts in ComposiMold.

The ComposiCast epoxy resin comes in white, black, or clear. You can also add colorants to the white or clear epoxy. The black is a very true black epoxy.

Colorants for epoxy
Colorants for Epoxy Resin
Black Best Epoxy for Plastics for ComposiMold Molds
Black ComposiCast

Example of a casting made with the ComposiCast
Example of a casting made with the ComposiCast

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