11 DIY Christmas Gifts for the Crafter in You.

Posted by ComposiMold on 16th Nov 2017

11 DIY Christmas Gifts for the Crafter in You.

To me, making Christmas crafts is the most exciting part of the winter holiday. Christmas crafts bring out the maker almost as much as the Halloween ghouls in the fall, but typically Christmas crafts are a touch less creepy and more festive. But don't let anything stop you from the more atypical crafts. Anything can be much more enticing if made by you. Let's review 11 DIY Christmas crafts that are good for adults or kids. So start making those Christmas Gifts!


Christmas Ornaments are the obvious place to start for Christmas Crafts. Air dry clays or polymer clays can be used easily. Or you may want to try your hand at resin casting your ornament. Same mold


Soaps for Christmas Gifts. You can decide if you want to do a Trump Soap or not. We used a 3D printer for this, but you can use any good soap shape, even another piece of soap.


Oh! Cute Kid Pictures! Framing those should be a top priority Holiday crafts. One for each relative. We used polymer clay to make the frame and airdry clay to mold.


Jewelry Making for Holiday Crafts. How to decide which color earrings? Don't decide. Make them all.


Coffee mug decals crafted for individual tastes. With the ImPRESSive Putty, you can reform a decal for everyone on your Holiday list.


Color Changing Mood Ring. This has been a surpisingly popular choice. You can use other colors. Materials needed include ComposiCast Clear, thermochromic ink, ComposiMold, and shapes to mold.


Polymer Clay Dangle Earrings. Crafted by You! These wings are nice, but you can do any shape.


Beeswax candles. Here we do a Lord of the Ring Pez Dispenser Christmas Craft Theme.


Make your own Guitar Pick for the Guitarist in your life, and we all have at least one. Guitarist, that is.


Shopkins Bubble Gum Machine! Craft crazy here!


Christmas chocolates is a good way to end it. Here we make a Chocolate Santa. Eat chocolate Santa's and save the Gingerbread people!

That's the eleven ideas so far. What are you going to make? From chocolate to jewelry candles to soaps. Your DIY Christmas crafts will be the best ever. Thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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