ImPRESSive Re-Usable Putty

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Re-usable Molding Putty allows you to make molds anytime you want.

PRESS for great details. This material makes excellent molds, and it is very easy to use. Recommended for polymer clay, clay, fast cure urethanes, soaps, waxes, and ComposiCast White and Black Resin.

To use: Heat ImPRESSive putty until dough/clay like in the microwave. Once the Putty is cool enough to touch, create your mold by pressing an object into the putty. The Putty will become rubber-like after cooling. Create parts with polymer clay, epoxy, polyester, resin, clay, soap, candle, crayon, concrete and more. Make molds of sculptures, prototypes, candles, picture frames, coins, and more.

  • Re-usable mold putty
  • Easiest mold making material yet
  • Make molds rapidly just by pressing
  • Captures Fine Detail


As seen on the Polymer Clay Tutor and Blue Bottle Tree. Use it today for fast, easy, mold making.


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Click Here for ImPRESSive Putty SDS (pdf)   


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