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We need your support for our Kickstarter: Food Safe, Eco-friendly, Re-usable Molding Putty

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ComposiMold, the makers of re-usable mold making materials, is announcing today that it is raising funds to complete the development of the first food safe, re-usable mold making putty. This eco-friendly molding putty is designed to make the process of making your own chocolate molds easier than anything else available. With it you can duplicate any object into edible treats.

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ComposiMold is beginning the campaign to raise $4,000 in funds through an online funding platform, Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/composimold). Kickstarter is a way for people to pre-order the invention prior to it being commercially available. This enables ComposiMold to complete the testing and produce the first batch of their latest DIY material that is going to change the cake decorating and chocolate making world.

The ImPRESSive Putty has been called the “3D printer for the rest of us” because it is so simple to use. Just heat, press, duplicate, and then whenever you want to just re-melt to re-use. What you make is really up to the user. And now you can make shapes into edible treats like chocolate, fondant, gelatin, gummies, gumpaste, butter, and more. Examples include:

Duplicating toys like a lion’s head into chocolate (more interesting than a bunny!).

Making a fondant cake wrap from lace

Taking a 3D printed object and making it into butter.

Making jewelry into gelatin or Jell-O.

About 2 years ago, Shawn Lemelin and Stan Farrell were trying to develop eco-friendly polymers for use in ComposiMold, there heat and pour re-usable mold making material. At the same time, they were attempting to create a re-usable material with a higher melting temperature than ComposiMold. It was through this experimentation that the first ImPRESSive Putty was developed. This initial material was not food safe, but immediately after commercializing it people wanted it for their cake and cookie decorations.

“Almost immediately we knew we were going to need to invent a food safe version of ImPRESSive Putty.” Stan, the President of the Maine manufacturing company, says. “We were being asked by cake decorators every day. It took us another two years, but we think we have it, a food safe, re-usable molding putty.”

So what can you make with Food Safe ImPRESSive Putty? From chocolates to fondants to Marzipan, to Jell-O. Lego pieces are popular as candy. Jewelry is also used to make edible treats. Many people in the creative maker community like to make 3D printed parts into chocolates. You can decide. You can make your own molds anytime you want. Small molds can be made in less than 10 minutes. Larger molds in less than an hour.

To make this reality, ComposiMold needs to complete the testing for food safe materials, obtain correct packaging and labeling, and produce the first round of materials. The Kickstarter campaign is designed to support this preliminary work.

Please share this video and tell everyone you know about Food Safe ImPRESSive Putty!

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