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How to Make Crayola Crayon Lego Pieces

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Crayola Crayons are a great casting material. You can make your crayons into any shape. Including Lego Shapes or animal shapes. The process is very straight forward. The Crayola crayons are nice because they have reasonably good colorants added, but any other crayon could be used. A recent addition to the crayon world is the all-natural soy wax crayon.

Making your own Lego crayons
Lego Crayons

There are two ways to make a mold of a Lego with Crayola Crayons. The first uses ComposiMold. The second uses ImPRESSive Putty molding materials. These are re-usable molding materials that can be re-melted or re-softened to make as many molds as you want. To start, let's talk about the ComposiMold:

1. Hot glue the Lego piece into the bottom of a plastic cup. Be sure the Lego is facing up. Do not have it upside down. You can also make a little mold box with other Lego pieces like we did when we made Jell-O Legos (https://composimoldstore.com/casting-material-options/#jello )

2. Melt a small amount of ComposiMold. You'll only need a little a little bit. Melt approximately 30 seconds worth in your microwave.

3. Let the ComposiMold cool a little before pouring onto the Lego.

4. Pour onto the Lego piece.

5. Let cool, or place the cup with the Lego piece into the freezer to cool fast. A mold this small will solidify in about 15 minutes.

6. When the ComposiMold is rubbery, pull out the mold and the original Lego piece.

7. Melt the crayons. Crayons do not have any water in them, so you will have to melt them on a stove. Be careful.Crayons melt at about 105 F.

8. Before pouring the crayon wax into the mold, let it cool so it's almost re-hardening.

9. Pour into the mold cavity.

10. Let cool to solidify. Give it about 20 minutes or about 5 minutes in the freezer.

11. Pull the Lego piece out of the mold.

You can also make the mold with the re-usable molding putty, ImPRESSive Putty instead of the ComposiMold by pressing the ImPRESSive Putty over the Lego piece.

Other shapes that may be interesting:

1. Making seashell shaped crayons

2. How about a starfish crayon with every finger a different color?

3. Make and mold a shape from polymer clay that is then made into a crayon.

4. Lego person (cover holes in the back of the lego person with clay first)

5. A doll's hand

6. A banana

7. Build a structure with the Legos and then mold it as a full piece.

If you want to add the connector piece to the back of the Lego crayon you can. When the crayon was is still liquid, place another lego block on to the back of the Lego mold. 

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