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Melting ComposiMold

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How to Melt Your ComposiMold or ImPRESSive Putty when you don’t have a Microwave

The microwave is usually the fastest, but it's not the only way to melt ComposiMold or ImPRESSive Putty. Here's a few other ways.

Heating Reusable Molding Putty

1.Double Boiler: A double boiler consists of one container inside another container with water between them. The purpose of the double boiler is to keep the heat from getting above 212 F. Marbles or rocks work well to keep the ComposiMold container off of the bottom of the pot. If the ComposiMold container is on a stove top directly, the container will melt. Heat the resin until it is melted.

2.Heat in oven a 160 to 180 F. DO NOT GO ABOVE 200 F.

3.Heat gun for smaller molds. A heat gun is also a way to fix areas of a mold. By heating just one spot, you can melt that area and re-form it. This works with both the ComposiMold and ImPRESSive Putty.

4.Chocolate melter: melt on melt setting, but turn it down after it’s melted

5.Slow cooker. A slow cooker is a great way to keep the ComposiMold warm throughout the day. This is especially nice for classrooms and Maker Spaces. Use a ladle to scoop out the ComposiMold as needed and then just throw your molds back in to melt after you’re done.

6.And if you’re in the middle of the woods with your ImPRESSive Putty and you want to make a mold to fix your tent or backpack buckle, place the ImPRESSive Putty in a SEALED plastic bag and place the bag in hot water. A 1.5 ounce size of ImPRESSive Putty will soften in boiling water in about 5 minutes. Be careful not to get water into the molding putty, and be careful not to get burnt.

No matter how you melt it, try not to have it go above 200 F. If it’s boiling, you’re overheating and over time it will make the ComposiMold darker and thicker. Plus, the boiling adds bubbles to the ComposiMold.

What happens if I accidently boiled the ComposiMold?

In most cases, when people are frustrated at having bubbles on their mold surface it is because they boiled the ComposiMold and then tried to make a mold with the boiling ComposiMold. Instead, give the reusable molding material time to cool. If you accidently boiled the ComposiMold, let the ComposiMold cool slowly. As the ComposiMold cools, the bubbles will rise up and out of the melted rubber. If necessary, you can remove even more bubbles by letting the ComposiMold stay melted at a comfortable 130 to 150 F for a little bit. The bubbles will come out and soon you’ll have a very bubble free molding material. 

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Why ComposiMold for Mold Making? Because it works