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  • Reusable Vacuum Tape and Vacuum bag sealant for Composites in Squeeze bottle
  • Pressing the vacuum bag down onto the cooled ComposiSeal before turning vacuum on.
  • ComposiSeal replacing Butyl Tape for the sealing of a vacuum bag.
  • ComposiSeal Vacuum Bag Sealer Refill 40 oz.
  • ComposiSeal Vacuum Bag Sealer Refill 20 oz.



Product Description


ComposiSeal  Vacuum Infusion Tape, Butyle tape, Putty Tape Replacer and Leak Sealer

Comes in a 2 oz. Squeeze bottle and 20 oz. or 40 oz. Refills. 


ComposiSeal is a pourable, re-usable sealant material that is designed to stop leaks in bagging films or molds.

ComposiSeal is a pourable, re-usable sealant material that is designed to replace double sided tape stop leaks in bagging films or molds. Also used to adhere materials such as plastic bagging to uneven surfaces like cement. For example winterizing basement windows.  
In many instances Composi-Seal can replace your double sided or vacuum tape and save you money. ComposiSeal is a biodegradable
thermoplastic polymer that is re-meltable so you can re-use it as many times as you want.


 ComposiSeal Can Adhere to uneven surfaces.


  • Re-usable, User friendly;  Easy to apply by hand
  • Works for Room temperature to 120°F  cure cycles
  • Strips clean from various tool surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion to nylon films and tool surfaces
  • Non-hazardous, water soluble for easy clean-up
  • Seals broken bags, double sided tape replacer
  • Cool to solidify and seal the leaks. At room temperature, it should solidify within minutes.


  • o   Melt in the microwave for 30 second intervals.  2oz sample will be melted in 30 seconds.
  • o   Use brush or a squeeze bottle to make a line of ComposiSeal around your surface.
  • o   Press surfaces together to seal
  • o   Use a heat gun to re-melt to fill any leaks or cracks.

vacuum bagging:

  • o   When finished, pull the ComposiSeal off your bag and re-melt to re-use on your next composites project.
  • o   20 and 40oz. sizes come in a microwave safe deli container.

COLOR: Amber

SHELF LIFE: 24 months when stored in air tight container

Composi-Seal can be melted with a hot air gun, double boiler, heat belt, microwave, or other heating source.

WARNINGS: ComposiSeal is hot when melted, use gloves.

Composi-Seal will dry out over time if left uncovered.  ComposiSeal is biodegradable. Do not submerse in water.



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