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ComposiCast Clear Casting, Wood Filler, and Coating Epoxy Resin


Product Description

ComposiCast Clear Casting, Wood Filler, and Coating Epoxy Resin

Super clear, jewelry grade epoxy resin for coating and casting applications. Designed for wood filling, table & bar tops, and coatings.

 Low viscosity, self-leveling, and added UV inhibitor for improved sun resistance.

 Very forgiving 1:1 mix by weight or volume. You can be off by up to 10% and still have amazing strong, durable castings after full cure.

 40 minute work time, 10 to 14 hours cure time, and fully cures in 2 days. Made in the U.S.A. Cures crystal clear and hard, durable plastic surface.

 Coat tables, bars, artwork, and wood. Excellent wood filler, 3D print sealant, and cast jewelry, toys, sculptures, and more.


ComposiMold’s Clear Epoxy Coating for Wood, Art, Sculpture, and Castings


Comes in several different sizes : 8 oz (2, trial size 4 oz bottles), 16 oz (2, 8 oz. bottles). The sizes consist of ½ epoxy resin and ½ hardener.

This is epoxy resin is designed for use as a coating or filler resin for wood, concrete, table tops, bar tops, art, and more. For resin coverage, when poured at room temperature, the resin typically settles at approximately 1/8th of an inch. Higher temperatures will make it thinner. Do not use below 65 F temperatures without warming it first.

At 1/8th thickness, 8 oz. will cover about 4 square feet, 16 oz. will cover about 8 square feet.  You can use a brush to spread the resin thinner for lighter coats.

1:1 mix by weight or volume, low viscosity for easy pouring and reduced bubble formation

For excellent finish with low bubbles:

  1. Mix the two parts very carefully. Pour the Part B hardener into the Part A Resin by pouring down the side of the cup to eliminate bubbles from getting into the mix.
  2. Stir gently and slowly
  3. Warm the resin to about 80 to 85 F prior to mixing, but be careful as this will decrease working time to about 25 minutes, and it will also reduce the viscosity so bubbles will come out. Give the resin a few moments before pouring.
  4. Use a heat gun on the surface after you pour to reduce the surface tension so bubbles can break apart. Do this every 10 to 15 minutes to make sure bubbles are gone.


The low viscosity makes it excellent for jewelry castings, figurines, and more.

UV inhibitor has been added to increase UV resistance. Parts are not designed for long term outdoor exposure.

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