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  • ComposiCast Clear Casting Plastic is designed for use with ComposiMold. It makes clear castings, and it is easy to use.
  • Clear Casting Plastic designs made in a ComposiMold of wooden decals.
  • Clear Casting Plastic figurine made in a ComposiMold.
  • Clear Casting Plastic magnet made in a ComposiMold.
  • Clear Casting Plastic with green pigment added, yet still transparent.
  • Clear Casting Plastic with pigment added, made in a ComposiMold.
  • Clear Casting Plastic duplicates all made in ComposiMold molds.
  • ComposiCast Clear Casting Plastic

Clear Casting Plastic


Product Description

ComposiCast Clear Casting Plastic 

Ideal Epoxy Resin for Use in ComposiMold Molds

• Jewelry Grade, • Crystal Clear

• 80D Shore Hardness, • 45 Min. Working Time

• Low Viscosity, • Mixes 1:1


Basic Instructions: For crystal clear, bubble-free castings, slowly and thoroughly mix Part A with Part B in equal proportions. Slowly pour into your ComposiMold mold.



Let the Clear Casting Plastic cure in the ComposiMold for at least 10 hours (overnight). Remove to admire your clear casting!



ComposiMold’s Clear Casting Plastic can cause eye and skin irritation. If skin contact is made, wash with soap and water. If eye contact is made, flush with large amounts of clean water for 5 minutes. If irritation persists, consult physician. Avoid prolonged inhalation exposure and remove to fresh air if effects occur, consult physician. Do not drink these products. If ingestion occurs, do not induce vomiting. Give large quantities of water with one oz. vinegar in one oz. water and consult physician. 

 SDS-Clear Casting Plastic Part A and Part B


Custom Lego Minifigure Part Three (Make Wolverine, Transformers, IronMan, and LEGO Movie Minifigure) 03:08

For more information please visit If you have any questions please leave a comment or email us at Please leave a comment if you have a cool Lego project or project idea! Finish your custom Lego! First grab your safety gear. Clear Casting Plastic is a two part Epoxy resin. Mix the resin, scrape the sides of the lids to get all of the resin. To prevent bubbles gently but thoroughly mix the two parts together. Clear casting plastic has a 45 minute pot life so that gives you enough time to mix and degas the mixture if you have the capability. Clear casting plastic is recommended for this project but other resins will work as well. Clear casting plastic has the perfect viscosity or thickness because it is not to thin that it will seep out of the cuts but it is thin enough that it can be forced into the mold using a syringe. Once all the molds are filled wait 14-24 hours before De Molding, at this time the plastic parts will be flexible and because they are flexible it will be easy to trim the pieces if they need to be trimmed. Once you are finished trimming wait another 24 hours or heat the parts at 200-250 degrees F for 1 hour and they will become solid. Once the pieces are solid you can paint them. The easiest method is to spray paint the peices with white paint then paint on a white primer followed by two more layers of any color water based or oil paint.

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  1. Highly recommended I use this all the time. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Jan 2017

    To any first time buyers mix slowly you have plenty of time before it starts to thicken. The first time I tried clear casting plastic I mixed it like a mad man creating a bubbly cast. Just mix slow and its crystal clear.

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